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Senior school is a time of extraordinary change and opportunity. Pupils enter as children and leave as adults, with some of the decisions that will affect the rest of their lives already made.

It is also a time where the pressure on pupils can be at its greatest: as they manage the complexity of adolescence and feel the future beginning to weigh on them.

At Fulham Senior we seek to foster above all the secure capability to cope with these pressures and embrace these opportunities. We want all our pupils to excel in the areas they care about most, but beyond that we want them to engage with their learning, and their futures, with independence of mind and confidence of spirit.

Many would agree that too narrow a focus on exam grades is reductive. However, even schools that look beyond the confines of the exam often focus on ticking off other specific achievements - music exams, making the first team, getting a good role – and leave important questions unanswered. What do you do when faced with uncertainty? How do you best contribute to a team when its members don’t get along? How do you adapt lessons learned in one context to a new and different challenge? How do you get enough experience of adversity to respond with cheerfulness and determination when things go wrong?

Fulham Senior seeks to provide an excellent traditional education in core subjects and to make available the array of wider activities that allow each individual to find a place. However, more than this, we seek to provide life skills, the ability to make connections between and beyond subjects, the ability to work together to achieve more than any individual can alone: these are the things that make us distinctive.

We are also proud of our origins as a prep school that has grown upwards. Senior school can be a time when many of the virtues of junior school are lost as year groups grow and subjects splinter. Much of what we do at Fulham Senior is designed to preserve the supportive and collaborative atmosphere of prep school in the very different world of senior education. Theme weeks where all pupils collaborate; year-groups small enough that everyone properly knows everyone else, but large enough to be challenged and drawn out; above all personal attention, recognition and celebration from teachers who care deeply about every individual’s progress – these are some of the things we retain as horizons broaden and university beckons.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch. We relish the opportunity to share our passion for this wonderful school.

Will le Fleming

Headmaster, Fulham School



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