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The happiness of our pupils, and the fostering of mutual kindness among them, is central to all we do.

Dedicated, caring form teachers and small classes are at the heart of our support system. Teachers quickly get to know all their pupils in Reception and over the three years at the school we work closely with all types of learners and personalities to ensure each child develops their confidence. When our pupils move onto Prep we want them to be assured, happy in their own skins and full of eager curiosity.

We are always happy to welcome parents to discuss any problems or issues children may be experiencing. A close relationship between family and school is vital to ensure every individual receives the detailed care and attention they deserve.

We use the House system to encourage positive interaction among children of different ages. They also help to introduce a degree of healthy competition into the school, founded on mutual respect. House Points are awarded for particularly helpful behaviour, a good piece of work and for taking part in House competitions. House points act as an incentive for constructive behaviour. Children are allocated to one of the four school Houses - Bishops, Crabtree, Hurlingham and Peterborough – and siblings are always put in the same House.

Special Events
Sports Day, Swimming Galas, Nativities, Class Assemblies and Year Group Productions feature amongst the list of annual events. Parents are always welcome to attend.

Individual Year Groups and classes might also organise events to augment the curriculum. For example:
Egyptian Feasts, Teddy Bears’ Picnics, School Garden Activities, Local Allotment Trips.

Each term the children are involved in supporting a charity, usually one in our local area.

Parents are kept up-to-date with recent and forthcoming activities in our fortnightly newsletters. These also feature our 'Star Class of the Fortnight' and of course, lots of photographs. We have tried to give a flavour of the events that regularly take place within the School. However please be aware that the events and dates may be subject to change.



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