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We are Open for Admissions!

Book your personal admissions appointment now, so you can meet our team online, take a virtual tour, ask questions and learn all about our school.



We are Open for Learning!

 • Our teachers lead live-streamed lessons throughout the day so our students can attend all their lessons online.

• We’ve invested in world-class technology so offer the full learning experience of school, every lesson delivered live online by our teachers, ensuring students’ learning and aspirations are uninterrupted.

"We are very impressed we are with the online learning. I can really see how much my daughter gets out of the interactive experience, seeing her classmates and teachers andthe structure it brings."

Our teachers support and stretch students with their work as they would do in school, and students continue to learn with their classmates around them. Nothing matters more to us than delivering excellence in education. We are open for learning! Learn more about our live learning experience for our students.



Welcome to Fulham School

We hope you enjoy exploring this website and getting a feel for our school. Above all we hope you feel the urge to visit and experience what makes it such a wonderful place to be: a family atmosphere, full of fun, generosity and consideration, down-to-earth and supportive of every pupil’s learning and achievements. 

At Fulham School we have two goals that drive all we do:

To encourage the development of creative, problem-solving individuals with tenacity, kindness and secure self-worth.

To provide the most distinctive, forward-thinking and outward-looking co-educational environment, where diverse abilities are recognised, celebrated and given fullest expression.

What makes Fulham School special is the way we set about achieving these goals. Most schools share the best of intentions. We seek to put them into practice in new and innovative ways. Read about our philosophy; explore the three stages of our school, from Pre-Prep, Prep to Senior; and if you have any questions or would like to learn more, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Will le Fleming
Headmaster, Fulham School and Head of Fulham Senior




"Watch this space: this school’s going places"

- Tatler Schools Guide 2020


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