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School fees and other applicable charges are collected by direct debit on the first day of each term.

Note: for new parents to the school whose child is entering reception in September, the fees for the first term will be collected on 15 June prior to the September start-date, with notification sent in early May. School fees are reviewed annually and parents are given a term's notice in writing of any change. Parents are required to give a full term's notice in writing prior to withdrawing a child, otherwise a term's fees will be due in lieu of notice.

Deposits: a deposit per child is payable at acceptance of a place and this is held by the School until after the final term of that particular child.

Discounts: a 10% discount on the School Fees is given for siblings while an older child remains in the School.


Senior £6, 583 per term
Prep   £6, 243 per term
Pre-Prep   £5, 623 per term


Senior Lunch    £242 per term
Prep Lunch   £242 per term
Pre-Prep Lunch   £214 per term
SEN Tuition   £38 per session 


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